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launch of our website

Charcoal and Pearl website image

As all designers well know, designing your own website is probably one of the hardest things we have to do. It's never good enough, work gets in the way, the newly tweaked design isn't really it either, do we use the latest css or not, what about older browsers?

But we did it! Our brand new website is live and we're very happy with it.

We set out with a few things we really wanted. Instead of trusty Wordpress we had set our sights on getting to grips with CraftCMS. We also knew that somewhere grid css had to enter the stage, flexbox is fantastic but grid css has us really excited for the future layout of the web and we managed to sneak it into our new homepage.

Backwards compatibility was a tricky one, as usual. How far back do you go without sacrificing what you set out to do? Firefox does a decent job as far back as Windows Vista and credit has to be given to Microsoft with Explorer 11 for supporting grid early on. So all in all, we tried to be as good as we can within our own requirements and are happy with the results.

We'll continue working on and improving it. There's still some work to be done to bring our older news items back into the fold and bring in some refinements here and there.

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