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our story

all the things you never wanted to know

My name is Bert and I started Charcoal and Pearl in 2011 after moving the West Cork on the south coast in Ireland.

I’ve always been interested in making and creating which led me to study graphic design and interior architecture. Introduced to the first home computers early on [think Commodore] I figured that there was a possibility to combine all that when the web came around and started gaining popularity in the mid-90s. So I did.

Over the years I’ve gained experience in various European countries and companies as multi-media designer or motion-graphics artist in post-production.

As an independent designer I take on projects of all kinds big and small, which allows me to tap into all of the experience I’ve gained over the years. The variety of the work my clients come to me with is what keeps me going and I can rely on a network of people and put together a team and expertise necessary for bigger projects I can not solve on my own. The days are too short sometimes.

If you would like to find out more and see if we can work wonders together, get in touch and we’ll see where it takes us.