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privacy policy

a bit more about how we treat you as a person and not as data

To us you are a person not some bits and bites to use for marketing puposes.

We have no interest in knowing anything about you until you get in touch with us by any forms of communication you wish to use.

When you do so we assume that we can make a note of your phone number and name perhaps, maybe email or your social media name, so we can get back in touch with you should we wish and need to do so.

Do we retain that information, yeah, it sits in our inbox or so, but we probably not the only ones to do so.

But when it comes to this website:

We have not build into this website any connection up with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of those who make money of you by following you around the web and target you with ads for even more stuff you don't need.

We have links to our so called social media accounts, so once you end up there you're all at their mercy.

Right now we have not trackers and have no idea and who, when and why you visit this website, we're too busy doing what we like doing, designing and making things.

So if you're after some big GDPR statement here, sorry you won't find it but we do our best to keep you to yourself. Feel free to reject this message and you should be good to go.