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graphic design
Product shot of fairy craft kit at Showcase Ireland 2019.

"It was important to me that the product be of very high standard in terms of design. I wanted it to look as good as all the sweets in the sweet shop, so I called on 2 amazing graphic designers to help me make it come to life and I couldn’t be happier with the result."
(Feltastik owner Stéphanie Tenier)

Stéphanie came to us with a clear brief and the freedom to come up with ideas we thought would do all her hard work of months of product development justice. Megan Clancy produced a lovely illustration for the inside of the box of this needle felting activity kit.

This box packaging is designed to transform into a magical world for you and your Fairy to enjoy endless magical adventures and contributes to the zero-waste packaging concept behind the product. There's no plastic wrapping to go into the bin as soon as you come home and the packaging is part of the fun.

The product was launched at Showcase Ireland 2019 and we created a large format banner based on the packaging design to announce the craft kit to the world.

Just like Stéphanie, we couldn't be happier with the result and are looking forward to many more collaborations on future projects we have in the pipeline.

Create your own fairy box packaging

Magical fairy Craft Kiit open box preview image

Colourful fairy on illustrated background at the front of the  craft kit.

Magical Fairy Craft Kit packaging design

Feltastik print packaging layout

Back of the packaging design for the craft kit showing the fairy making process and product info.

Banner created for the luanch of the My Wool Fairy craft kit.

Promotional banner created for the Showcase Ireland 2019 product launch.

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