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Uefa U21 Womens Champions League Usb Rom On Screen

Over a number of years we have been successfully developing applications for UEFA various European competitions. From Champions League and Europa League [both men and women] to U21s and EURO tournaments, these USB-ROMs are designed to run on desktop platforms and are fully Mac and Windows compatible.

We dealt with hours of HD footage and managed to compress it all onto USB thumb drives of various sizes keeping the quality to UEFA’s standards but within budget.

For the UEFA Futsal coaching programme an interactive video guide was developed providing fully searchable access to coaching videos and pdf’s ready for use by coaches during training.

UEFA Champions League 2016-2017 USB ROM menu screens

Uefa Europa League Usb Rom On Desktop

Uefa Futsal Coaching Usb Rom On Laptop

Uefa Euro 2016 Usb Rom Screens

Snapshot of the UEFA Champions League team screen.

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